Melpo Mellz is of Greek descent but raised in Sweden. She was mesmerized by the world of dance and music even as a child and she is currently living her dream.

She is a much respected dancer / choreographer / teacher all over the world with over 15 years experience .Inspired and trained in many different dance styles her primary focus always been on dancehall and hiphop which she grew up with. She is a part of the dance duo DOUBLE TROUBLE and together they travelled, performed, inspired people and dancers around the world with their shows, style and dance.

She counts herself fortunate to have been associated with many different movies, music videos, TV- shows, stage shows, battles, workshops, productions and promotions in different countries such as –  Irie Fm Tour, YVA s, Arthur Guinness Show , IDC International DHQ, ( JA)  Puma, Adidas, Mtv, The Voice, Sound of Nyc, Unfemiliar Faces, Jr Eurovision Song Contest (SWE/FIN ), Big Up Kemp, Just Debout ( FR) Kora Awards (AFRICA ) Irawma ,Broadway Dance Center( US )and many more.
Choreographed / danced for artists as Million Stylez, Ceresia Mohombi/Avalon, RDX, Aidonia ,  Lady Saw and served as opening act for Ryan Leslie, Fabulous, Fatman Scoop, Mavado. Aidonia,  Popcaan , Mr Vegas , Peetah Morgan ,Elephant Man, Demarco, Ding Dong to mention a few.

2004 was the first time she visit Jamaica to see with her own eyes what dancehall dance was and from that day she was hooked. She grew up listening to the music, doing “bogle” and “butterfly” but never really understood what she was doing until her visit the island. And ever since she travels to Kingston year after year to get more knowledge about the culture and keep up with the dance and spread it back in Sweden.

She is a self learned dancehall dancer out of the streets of Kingston and by watching and dancing with all the old school dancers like Bogle, John Hype,Ding Dong, Overmarz,Colo Squad,Black Blingaz to mention a few, made her to whom she is today . And with her great talent to create choreographies she developed her own flavor that many dancers are inspired by.  And she is now a part of DanceJA Team getting booked and performs around Jamaica as a member of the movement.

Melpo had a vision “Spread the authentic real dancehall from Jamaica around Sweden and thanks to her hard work, dedication, passion and her students she made it- but it hasn’t been easy.” She started an entire “generation” with dancehall dancers since 2003 and until now she’s been teaching some of the best dancehall dancers in Sweden. Today she works as a guest choreographer at the famous Dance Center Academy Stockholm with upcoming professional dancers to be. Melpo introduced and put dancehall as an art form in the dance scene of Sweden with her former crew Skillz.  By creating their own jobs, shows and performing all over Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe, fighting to get dancehall accepted and approved as a dance style, they built a platform for themselves and for all the future dancehall dancers in Sweden.

As an artist and songwriter she’s been working with producers from Jamaica, Usa, France and Sweden. Check out her music on Itunes, Soundcloud ,Youtube

She also studies business, management and accounting and is the owner of Kings Music Production with Dj Mike Yangstar. For the past 6 years they been booking, keeping  concerts, workshops and events with Jamaican artists/dancers in Sweden and they also organize international dancehall trips to Jamaica for anybody that is interested in experience Jamaica – the dance, the music, the culture. Everything Melpo put her mind to she achieves it with hard work, dedication, focus and passion.

She will travel to the end of the earth to be successful at what she do best                                       “Entertain, Create, Teach, Guide “